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SC Judge challanges Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi for a face to face debate amid 2024 lol sabha election

Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi

Former Justices Madan Lokur and AP Shah, alongside former Editor of The Hindu, N Ram, have extended a cordial invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for a public debate amid the ongoing 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The proposal, conveyed through a letter, underscores the non-partisan nature of the initiative and its potential to enhance civic engagement and fortify the democratic ethos of the nation.

The essence of the invitation lies in its non-partisan character, aimed at fostering a constructive dialogue devoid of political affiliations. In a democracy as vast as India's, characterized by its diversity and complexity, such an open discourse holds immense significance. It transcends the realm of political rhetoric, offering a platform for substantive discussions on crucial issues that shape the nation's future.

The proponents of this initiative emphasize the global attention drawn towards India during the electoral process, underscoring the opportunity to set a precedent for democratic discourse. As the world's largest democracy, the conduct of transparent and substantive debates resonates not only within the nation but also reverberates across international borders, reaffirming India's commitment to democratic principles.

See the official letter below

Official letter from former Justice

The letter highlights pivotal questions raised by both the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the opposition Indian National Congress (INC) concerning fundamental aspects of India's constitutional democracy. From reservations and Article 370 to electoral reforms and responses to external challenges, these queries encapsulate the core concerns of citizens and merit comprehensive deliberation.

Expressing concern over the predominance of rhetoric over substance in political discourse, the letter underscores the imperative of informed public participation, particularly in an era marked by the proliferation of digital misinformation. In this context, the proposed debate emerges as a crucial avenue for dispelling misconceptions and empowering voters with nuanced insights into electoral issues.

Justice Lokur, Justice Shah, and N Ram have extended a flexible framework for the debate, inviting mutual agreement on aspects such as venue, duration, moderators, and format. Furthermore, they have extended the option for either leader to nominate a representative in the event of their unavailability, thereby ensuring the inclusivity and accessibility of the dialogue.

In essence, the invitation extended by these eminent personalities transcends political divides, epitomizing a shared commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and fostering informed civic engagement. It beckons leaders from across the political spectrum to rise above partisan considerations and embrace the spirit of dialogue and deliberation for the collective welfare of the nation.

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