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"Won't stop until we wipe out ISIS": Vladimir Putin on ISIS attack in Russia

Updated: Mar 26

Russian president Vladimir Putin

28 Hours after ISIS attack in Russia :-

The recent terror attack in Moscow has once again highlighted the ongoing security challenges that Russia is confronted with. The attack, which occurred at a busy subway station during peak hours, resulted in the tragic deaths of at least 15 individuals and left many others injured. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the persistent threat of terrorism that continues to loom over the country, despite President Vladimir Putin's assurances to safeguard Russia's security.

This attack comes at a critical moment for Putin, who has always touted his tough stance on terrorism and pledged to protect the Russian populace. Following the attack, Putin released a statement condemning the perpetrators and pledging to bring them to justice. Nevertheless, critics have raised concerns about the effectiveness of Putin's security measures and the nation's capacity to prevent such calamities.

The attack in Moscow is just the latest in a string of terrorist acts that have unsettled Russia in recent times. From the tragic siege at a school in Beslan in 2004 to the bombing of a civilian aircraft in 2015, the country has grappled with several challenges in combatting terrorism. Despite Putin's commitments to keep Russia secure, these incidents underscore the harsh reality that no country is impervious to the perils of terrorism.

In the wake of such attacks, it is imperative for Putin to reassess his security tactics and guarantee that the requisite measures are in place to safeguard the Russian populace. This entails bolstering intelligence-gathering capabilities, enhancing security at public venues, and bolstering collaboration with global partners in the anti-terrorism fight.

The assault in Moscow not only signifies a tragedy for the victims and their loved ones but also represents a setback to Putin's leadership and credibility. As the nation grieves the loss of innocent lives, it is crucial for Putin to take prompt and resolute action to address the security challenges confronting Russia. The Russian people merit to reside in a safe and protected environment, and it is incumbent upon Putin to make good on his commitment to assure their security.

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